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Meet Our Teachers



Owner, 500 RYT

Rebecca discovered yoga while attending the University of Louisville. She was looking for a new way to regain flexibility and reduce stress. Rebecca began taking yoga classes at a local studio. At first, she joined a weekly yoga class but within a few months, she was practicing yoga daily, often catching yoga classes during the day in between her studies. That’s when Rebecca realized that yoga had become something very important in her life.

It was many years after being a student of yoga, Rebecca made the decision to teach. She enrolled in a 4 week intensive Yoga Teacher Training, with the intention to share yoga with others through teaching. Rebecca started teaching professionally immediately after graduation and she now teaches at multiple location in Louisville, KY. Her professional teaching journey continues as she has trained with YogaWorks teachers: John Guydos, Heather Sineiger, David Kim, Anna Zourzou, Mia Togo, Jodie Rufty, Jeanne Heileman , Sarah Scharf; and with Bryan Kest Power Yoga teacher Bryan Kest.

Rebecca’s approach to yoga remains ever focused on creating a safe space so students can be their authentic self. When she is on her mat, yoga gives her a safe space to be her authentic self. Rebecca works hard to teach what she practices. She believes compassion best describe her teaching style. Rebecca believes it is important to be gentle and kind to yourself, listen to your body, and not to compare yourself to others. She believes it is important to remember we are all perfectly imperfect. Rebecca works to challenge students both physically and mentally, while creating a judgement free space. You can expect to move, stretch and breathe when taking one of her classes.

Sara Stearns
Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

Yoga changed Sara’s life!!  Through yoga, Sara quickly realized she had found her passion; expanding her mind, body, and spirit, yoga was healing her. Sara started seeing weight loss results immediately.  Her mental health improved, and she made new friendships that were encouraging and uplifting.   Sara told everyone, "You Need Yoga!" 

As Sara’s practice has developed, she has attended yoga retreats and a variety of classes across the US, deepening her practice and becoming aware of the balance she was creating. Through Sara’s transformation and personal growth, she obtained her First and Second Degree Reiki Certification, and her Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training Certification through Yoga-Fit. Sara completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Yoga Renew in June 2021. 

Sara encourages a fun-loving class with humor, comfort, and support.   Offering yoga in our community is one step closer to peace and change. NAMASTE!


Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

Stephanie discovered yoga in high school when a friend suggested they go to a hindu temple for the Sunday morning practice. She was hooked at first breath!!

Throughout the years, she went through phases of practicing different types and styles of yoga asanas at different rates of regularity but did not become a serious practitioner until tragedy struck in her life 4 years ago.  By developing a daily yoga practice, Stephanie was able to emerge from the situation seeing life more clearly, and with a deeper understanding of herself and everyone around her.  It was that clarity, along with the renewed strength in her mind, body, and spirit that brought on the realization that YOGA FIXES EVERYTHING!!!

It was this new found knowledge that inspired her to obtain her 200-RYT certificate this year, with plans to further her depth of understanding by becoming a Yoga Therapist.  


What good is it knowing these precious gems of information if you don't share it with other people? So, that's what she's here to do - share a little knowledge and a whole lot of love!

​Shannon Woods
Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

Shannon's yoga journey began in 2008 while studying to practice massage therapy and has been nothing short of transformational ever sense.  Throughout college and now parenthood stepping foot onto her mat each time proves to be a healing experience, unveiling the layers of protection she had built around her heart. To Shannon, yoga has been a truly safe place of exploration and growth. Creating space where she was once stuck, allowing her to walk in alignment with her truest values. Learning how to trust and love her physical body and ignite her spirit.The opportunity to guide others along their own personal yoga journey is a gift she holds with honor and gratitude. 


Shannon's classes focus on tuning into your body to build and strengthen a connection both physically and emotionally. You will leave feeling more centered and more confident on and off the mat.


​Lindsey McCoy
Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

Lindsey discovered the power of Yoga when she decided to step into the practice back in 2016. In a desperate attempt to find relief for PTSD and Anxiety symptoms she decided to give mindfulness a try. That was the day that her entire life changed. Lindsey began studying the 8 limbs and found herself practicing yoga 3 times a day. Through mindful meditation, pranayama breathwork and asana she found inner peace and stillness in her mind as well as her body.

In 2018 she decided that she had to use this knowledge to help other people discover their true nature and capabilities as well. Having practiced yoga for two and a half years on her own, the first time that Lindsey set foot inside of a yoga studio was when she entered the 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Instantly she knew this was her calling. She received her 200 hour RYT in October of 2019 and is currently working to obtain her 300 RYT.

When she isn’t teaching yoga to her community she holds many yoga and wellness retreats in many different locations. In honor of Seva, several of Lindsey’s retreats are for zero profit where proceeds often benefit different organizations and causes both rural as well as local.

Some expectations when attending a class with Lindsey may include a sense of comfort, gentle motivation, acceptance and joy!

Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT


Swaran is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, mother of a very-energetic young child, and human to an extraordinarily lazy cat. She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2007. She wants to share this amazing technology in the hopes that it will help others, just as it continues to help her, to live their lives with greater happiness, clarity, and purpose. Swaran has received and regularly participates in Kundalini Trainings through the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology.


​Lisa Knies
Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

Originally from Pennsylvania, Lisa was previously a Licensed Practical Nurse for many years. Lisa is married to her loving husband Bob and has a beautiful daughter Kaylee and 2 granddogs, Nova and Bella. Lisa was born with disabilities, has had health problems her entire life, and developed chronic health problems that led to her becoming disabled. 


Lisa’s yoga journey started with her losing 150 lbs. She began to move better and feel better. She began attending group yoga classes and fell in love instantly. Unfortunately, the yoga studio closed during Covid and that’s when she found Good Karma Yoga. With help of her previous yoga teacher and her new teacher, Rebecca Cox, Lisa learned how to modify yoga poses to her body which allowed her to attend daily yoga classes. After attending daily yoga classes for a while, Lisa decided to become a yoga teacher. 


Lisa focuses on chair yoga for senior citizens and people with disabilities, especially  Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and parkinson's disease. Lisa has also started gentle yoga. When asked about her yoga journey, Lisa replied, “This is a life journey I never saw happening, but I absolutely love it!”

​Bruce Fey
Yoga Instructor, 500 RYT


Bruce began his yoga journey a year after high school. A teen that was inspired by the Beatles going to India, Bruce purchased a yoga book and started his journey. At this time, there were no yoga studios in Louisville, KY, so Bruce began to read everything he could find to expand his yoga practice. There were times when Bruce did not practice yoga but his body would tell him to start back up. 

Fast forward to 2016, Bruce walked into his first studio. He loved the community of a studio. Three months later, the yoga studio offered a 200-hr yoga teacher training and he signed up. Bruce entered the teacher training wanting to know if he was “doing it right”, not to teach. Before becoming certified, Bruce heard about Yin Yoga and started studying it. After getting his RYT200, he was looking for his next teacher for Yin. Bruce completed his 300 hour Certification in Yin and Functional Vinyasa. Bruce is a 500 hr yoga teacher and has about 400 hours of Continuing Education in Yin. One might say Bruce has a passion for Yin. During this journey, Bruce became a Reiki Master and a Certified Crystal Practitioner. Crystals are his new passion. Bruce also enjoys the outdoors, hiking, walking his dog each day, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, TCM and Subtle Energy, Spirituality, and gardening. In Taoism, there is the thought of the One. Without opposites, the other would not exist. Yin and Yang, day and night, male and female. Bruce loves a good Vinyasa and counteracts it with a Yin practice. He teaches to see that ah, ha moment in a student. Yoga has served Bruce well for 50 years.


​Darla BRanson
Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

Darla first began yoga as a way to balance between running and her professional job as a dental hygienist. Her first class was a 90 minute Weekend Warrior and she left the class drenched in sweat and physically challenged like she'd never been before. She was hooked and kept returning. It wasn't until a few years later where the mind/body connection was made and her passion was ignited.


Twelve years later, her passion for yoga drove her to obtain her 200hr RYT training. Initially, she wanted to advance her overall practice, fine tune her alignment, and gain the knowledge needed to safely practice this art throughout her entire life. It wasn't until after training that she wanted to lean into teaching. Her classes focus on proper alignment and creative flows. 


Darla and her partner, Dan, enjoy traveling, hiking, good food, and good wine. 

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