Greet the day with this gentle morning practice. Slow movements. Breathwork. Stretching. Relaxation. The focus of the class is to wake you up; without wearing you out. Perfect for anyone who wants a more meditative, less heated practice. Suitable for those with limited mobility or looking for a less strenuous experience. (Recommended for Newbies) 

Everyone starts somewhere! Maybe you’re brand new to yoga or are looking for a way to ease back into your practice. These foundational classes will develop your strength, flexibility, comfort level and stamina as you challenge your body and mind. New Karma classes are led by expert instructors who will skillfully guide the class through a full-body experience, complete with breathwork. Expect poses to be taught with an emphasis on alignment and best practices. Your Good Karma Yoga journey begins here. All ages, bodies, abilities, vibes are welcome! (Recommended for Newbies) 

Our signature class. Whether you’re a new student or a lifelong practitioner, this class is for you! Open to all levels, Good Karma is recommended for anyone looking to focus on the foundation, structure and alignment of each posture. Throughout this practice, you will focus on engaging your core muscles to go deeper into each pose and prepare your mind and body for a challenging peak posture. (Newbies and seasoned yogis welcome)

It's all AB’out the core! A beginner-friendly yet challenging and unique workout designed to sculpt and strengthen core and get you into great shape! This class blends short core strengthening exercises with a classic vinyasa sequence. This energetic practice incorporates a balance of strength, stamina, cardio, and flexibility. This class is sure to fire up your core!  (Newbies and seasoned yogis welcome)

This class is all about balance. The first section of class (Yang) is a challenging and invigorating vinyasa flow sequence to get the body moving, followed by long passive holds in the floor series to truly and fully relax your body (Yin). You’ll feel amazing after this one! This class is suitable for all levels. (Newbies and seasoned yogis welcome)

Calling all runners, spinners, constant-sitters, and never-quitters. Whether you’re training for a half-marathon, pushing weights, stuck behind a desk, or on your feet all day, Restore  classes are for you. These classes use props in a 4 to 6 pose floor series to stretch, open and release the major muscle groups of the entire body and shift the nervous system into rest and digest. Students who take this class regularly report fewer injuries, improved sleep, and reduced aches and pains. (Newbies and seasoned yogis welcome)

Work it. Power classes are strength building, full-body blasts designed to build focus, endurance, and flexibility. These intermediate vinyasa classes move at a steady pace to keep your practice fluid, creative and energizing. This fiery flow will take your body and mind through a challenging journey. Power facilitates breakthroughs in body and mind, so count on leaving with a sense of energy and empowerment. (Students are encouraged to feel comfortable in New Karma before taking Power)